Review of Eating People

From Crash Smash Crack Ring fanzine

Pere Ubu, The Pop Group and groups like Joy Division have all found acceptance due to the current musical temperature in this country at the moment. Doors are open. Instant Automatons are from the South Humberside area and seem to follow in the footsteps of these people (chronologically that is) and yet they have more originality than any other group I have heard this year. This tape is superb.

I don’t know if they are a joke, but I hope not coz it is a startlingly exiting, dangerous and brave musical experiment. This is their 2nd double album, the first being called Radio Silence and also available from them.

Anyway, the music. Shades of Ubu throughout and a superb rendition of Hendrix’s If Six Was Nine which is just voices used in much the same way as Baader Meinhof by Cabaret Voltaire who also seem to be an influence. Best trax: Nigel Wouldn’t Approve and Hate Myself.