Radio Silence liner notes

The Power Of Dreams - An Explanation

When the Instant Automatons first asked me to write the sleeve notes for the re-released Radio Silence I was pleased and, possibly, honoured. However, after some consideration I began to see the difficulties; exactly how do you describe the unique noise of the Automatons? How can you convey the impact of their brilliant, stupid, confusing lyrics? The answer, of course, is that you can't. Various aspects of their diverse - if not to say diffuse - outlook can be compared to many different bands operating in many different fields of music, but comparison is the weakest form of description and is ultimately useless. The whole approach of the Automatons is different; some bands shout and point, others prance and preen. The Automatons sit back and take notes. And laugh.

Theirs is an uncomplicated history - Mark and Protag met at school and gathered friends as they progressed, experimenting with noise, music...people. Breaking the rules. A band was loosely formed, and in mid-1977 became The Instant Automatons.

They carry on unperturbed, systematically and tentatively prodding the sores of an ailing society, still taking nothing seriously except their own mission - but ask any of them what that mission is, and they don't know themselves. Only Drum Machine winks an L.E.D. knowingly. And he's saying nothing.

Their slogan is "FREE MUSIC" and that says it all. It's a description, an advert and an order.

Listen to this album - if you don't like any of the tracks, don't worry about it. Just stick your head back in the sand.

- John C. Hocknell