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Cassettes - not the full Deleted Records catalogue, just those that feature the Automatons

Radio Silence cover

RADIO SILENCE - The Art Of Human Error (Deleted Records DEC 001)
The Instant Automatons

Failure Is Just A State Of Mind
Can't Dance To Bill Burroughs
Abstract Albert's Amazing Acid Experience
New York Trader (trad. arr. The Automatons)
Abstract Albert's Second Journey
Waiting For The Man (L. Reed)
Crazy Man Michael (R. Thompson/D. Swarbrick)
Long Slow Dance
Marimba Ride
Little Shop Blues
Can't Dance To Bill Shakespeare (music: R. Waters)
Stumblin' In The Neon
One Sun Left
The Dentist
This Must Be Wrong (J. Ian)
Radio Silence
Should I Kill Myself?

Magnitizdat cover

MAGNITIZDAT - The Least Worst Of Deleted Records (Deleted Records DEC 002)
Various Artists

The Awful Truth - Final Statement
Rene Alberto & The Balsams - Lorraine In Spain
The Managing Directors - Revolution (adapted from Lennon/McCartney)
Merz - Rat Killer
Effigy - Effigy
Threshold - Emma
The Mick Davies Band - Eight Miles High
Afterburn - Malignant Growth
The Dismals - Disgrace
Rotting Harry & The Midden - Train Now Standing
Running Sores - Rickshaw Boy
The Bores - Gm Rising
The Instant Automatons - No Identifiable Sign Of Life
The Bores - Confessions
Big Band - Hey Hey It's Rock And Roll
Complex Wasteland - Dreams That Money Can Buy
391 - Brains Under Glass
Dead Heat - Crab
Headphones - D.I.

Eating People cover

EATING PEOPLE - Hints For The Housewife (Deleted Records DEC 003)
The Instant Automatons

Eating People No. 1
New Order
A Hint From Hannibal (Boy's Own Paper)
Coughing Up Blood
Milton Keynes
When The Morning Comes
Electric Mouth Again
Teachers (L. Cohen)
One Dub Left
The Machine Takes Over
Crock Of Shit
Break The Rules
Underneath The Wardrobe
Plugs & Sockets
Electronic Music
Hate Myself
Bureau Of Psychic Control
Private Image
Nigel Wouldn't Approve
If Six Was Nine (J. Hendrix)
Eating People No. 2

Deleted Funtime cover

DELETED FUNTIME (Deleted Records DEC 009)
Various Artists

Missing Persons - Chemical Solutions
Units Of Pleasure - Another Form Of Art
Colin Potter - Power
Stabmental - Thin Veil Of Blood
The Midnight Circus - Obsession
391 - Prisoner Of The Living Room
1,2,3 iDdrim - Ystafell 54
The Door And The Window - Habits
The Electric Bereaved - Duty To The Empire
The Digital Dinosaurs - Fingers And Thumbs
Missing Persons - Richard Nixon At The Oxford Union
Percy Faeces - Pray For The Boys At The Front
The Instant Automatons - Mr. McPhee
The Mystic Umbrellas - Journey To The West 
The Everchanging Face - Drummer Boy
Units Of Pleasure - Forces Of Joy
The Digital Dinosaurs - Walking Out
The Digital Dinosaurs - Bouncing Back
Units Of Pleasure - Acueforperu
Merz - Spud-dream
The Door And The Window - Human Touch
Missing Persons - Acoustics In The Atomic Age
Duo Elettronica - excerpt
Colin Potter - Bogey Man
The Bonfires - Drumfall
Mic Woods - Little Girl
The Instant Automatons - Disillusion
The Midnight Circus - Pre-Natal Counselling
Alien Brains - excerpt
Home Brew - excerpt
Eyes In The Dark - At Six O'Clock
Heddon Street W1 - We Wanna Pogo
Missing Persons - Negatives

Blues Masters cover

The Instant Automatons

All You Need Is Love (Lennon/McCartney)
Laburnum Walk
Mr. McPhee
Esoteric No. 2 - Blazing Pedals
Catacomb (live)
Catacomb (studio)
Prisoner Of The Grapevine (Whitfield/Strong/391)
I Think Somebody Must Have Poisoned Me
Then He Hit Me
Esoteric No. 5 - Brains Under Glass
Restless Night (live)
Ballad Of The New Things
Disillusion (live)
August '78 (live)
When The Pubs Close (Automatons/G. Bailey)
Outro (live)

Tape Transport cover

TAPE TRANSPORT (Deleted Records DEC 011)
The Instant Automatons

So It's Come To This
Nothing Ever Happens (live)
Nothing Ever Happens To Me
Jet Plane
Break The Rules
Drunk In Woolwich (live)
Gillian Is Normal
Pointed Shoes
Regimental Beat Music (live)
Flight Delayed
House Of The Rising Sun (trad. arr. The Automatons)
His Master's Voice (live)
The New Dylan (live)