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Following the withdrawal of the Waterden CD catalogue, I have decided to make the full content of the CDs available as free downloads from this site. Each collection is available as individual MP3s or as a ZIP file containing the whole album.


The Instant Automatons - Not So Deep As A Well
The Instant Automatons - Archaeology
The Instant Automatons - Last Train To Woolwich Arsenal
Mark Automaton - Gallimaufry
Mark Automaton - Windfalls and Tinned Sardines
Product of Reason - A Cure For Insomniacs
The Mystic Umbrellas - Langton Freeman's Summer-house Tomb
Various Artists - We Couldn't Agree On A Title
391 - The Director's Cut
391 - Horseshoe Point
391 - O Jesus, Make It Stop!
391 - Alphabeta
391 - Light Mass Prayers: The Haunting of Borley Rectory
391 - Kisses Won't Save You Now
391 - Puirt à beul
391 - Figures In A Landscape
391 - Radio Free Scunthorpe
391 - Every Contact Leaves A Trace
391 - The Experience Machine
391 - Fun, Fantasy, Confusion & Catastrophe
Instant Automatons on BBC 6 Music
On Sunday 9th March 2008, the Automatons were featured on Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone program. For those who missed the original broadcast, here is the Automatons' segment.