Crock Of Shit

Josie went out walking in the rain
It was not a very nice day
Then she met Lulu The Insane
And they went off on their own way

Later on the sun came out
And Lulu let out a shout
Said, "I can see a rainbow
Josie, Josie, that’s the way to go"

It led them to a city large
A nuclear reactor ‘neath camouflage
They stood a while to stand and stare
Then they fled from the poisoned air

They ran and ran down to the sea
Hand in hand they went down to the sand
Got filthy oil all over their feet
And back to the land they made their retreat

Josie said she was getting cold
"Don’t go home, follow me instead
At the rainbow’s end there’s a pot of gold
Don’t you recall all those books we read?"

On they ran through the crap and slime
Until they reached the end in time
They said, "Who said we should follow it?
At the end of the rainbow there’s a crock of shit!"