Drunk In Woolwich (On New Yearís Eve)

I can remember the good old days
Terribly depressed in many ways
Margaretís on TV with a banana in her hand
And all the world together disbands
Well, anyway I switched off the television
Bands, boredom, culture fission
The Sindy doll lasts forever on
I see a bookcase full of encyclopaedias Ė I pick out one
New sentence, new words, stop, stop, start again
And the feelings just remain
Once upon a time I was in love
Taxi drivers and busmen wailing below and above
I just had to waste my time
I wrote a song but it didnít rhyme
This is, this is not, the end just yet
Just the views of a religious sect
Oh my god, my headís exploding
And the world is terminating
And Iím drunk in Woolwich on New Yearís Eve
Drunk in Woolwich on New Yearís Eve