Eating People No. 2 (middle section: R.D. Laing)

Couldn’t you see the darkness in the soul that was mine?
Couldn’t you hear the voices in my speech?
Couldn’t you escape a million times?
Only to return
Only to return

I stole the secret hope that was yours
I took the notion from your mind
I fixed a star where your thoughts should have been
Never to return
Never to return

A couple come to a desert with their son. There is nothing to eat. They are starving. They have to cross the desert. The father offers himself to be eaten, and the wife. But they decide that the pair of them without a child have a chance, but one of them with a child has no chance. They can always have another child. So they eat their son.

You try to reform all the thoughts you once had
You try to rebuild on the void
You try to follow the broken path
You will never return