Milton Keynes

You can sell your house
You can sell your car
Paint your nails
Do something bizarre
You can sell your hopes
You can sell your dreams
We’ll all end up living
In Milton Keynes

You can fiddle your tax
Or expand your head
Go out jogging
Or spend the day in bed
Nothing has changed
All is what it seems
Everyone’s living
In Milton Keynes

Invite your friends round
On a Sunday afternoon
Go to Scarborough
For your honeymoon
Doesn’t matter where you’re going
Doesn’t matter where you’ve been
You always end up
In Milton Keynes

You can go down to the pub
Or play happy families
Let your dog pee
On the municipal trees
You’re a good citizen
And you care about hygiene
That’s why you’re living
In Milton Keynes

You’re living in a shoebox
Made of brick and wood
Your front lawn
Is a sea of mud
Well, you can make your plans
And plot and scheme
But nobody escapes
From Milton Keynes

Look out of your window
All the houses are the same
Don’t worry ‘bout it
No one is to blame
Everything is antiseptic
Everything is squeaky-clean
Being different’s not allowed
In Milton Keynes

When you’re lying in your bed
And it’s dark outside
You can hear the voices
Of would-be suicides
Everybody’s shouting
Everybody screams,
"Why did we move
To Milton Keynes?"