Nice Job For The Lad

Jimmy left school at sixteen
He wanted to learn a trade
The teachers said that he was bright
And they thought he should have stayed
But when he joined the RAF
His parents didn’t feel bad
And everyone agreed it was a
Nice job for the lad
Nice job for the lad

Then one day the tanks came
And Jimmy was marching along
People were cheering and waving flags
And singing patriotic songs
And all of the girls kissed the boys goodbye
And a hundred brass bands played
And the sun shone down and everyone thought it was a
Nice day for a parade
Nice day for a parade

There’s a humming in the distance
From the bombers coming back
They’ve been flying all night
Through the rain and the flak
But little Jimmy’s bomber
Won’t come back any more
Cos the generals thought it was a
Nice day for a war
Nice day for a war

They were standing at the graveside
Staring at their shoes
Nobody knowing
What to say or do
They were all dressed in black
Surrounded by the dead
"Nice day for a funeral"
Somebody said