So Itís Come To This

I need some answers to my questions
I need absolution from my sins
Trapped in a world so cold and brutal
Where everyone fights but no one wins

Babies are crying Ė canít you hear them?
People are starving Ė donít you know?
What does it take to make you help them?
Closing your eyes wonít make them go

Now that Iím facing our past failures
I feel guilty and I feel scared
And when we reach out to each other
Itís not in love but in despair

So I walk down this road
With the sun in my eyes
And I still feel the pain
Of your cheating and lies
Now itís come to this

Now my memory fails
And my senses recoil
And everythingís changed
And everythingís spoiled
Now itís come to this

Now itís out of control
Like a building in flames
And thereís no one to hate
And thereís no one to blame
Now itís come to this