I was sitting on the front porch
I was waiting for the rain I knew would come
Another day, another year
And yet another wasted Sunday afternoon
I saw you walking down the road
With some flowers for a grave that could be mine
I should have stopped and said hello
Or something, but I have so little time

Our talk is small in grocery stores
Our sighs are deep in libraries and basements
Our nights are long, our minds are filled
With wondering if there will be more violence
I could write a book a million words
But no one wants to read books anymore
So just fill your glass and turn your back
And make your way across the dancing floor

Your crossword puzzle mind is blank
And I cannot supply you with the clues
And the point at which you start to win
Could be the place where I begin to lose
So take off your silver spangled satin ballgown
And learn to be my friend
But if that is too difficult
Then I suppose that we could just pretend