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Vinyl - EPs and LPs

Weird Noise cover

WEIRD NOISE EP (Fuck Off Records FEP 001)
Various Artists

The 012 - Fish From Tahiti
Danny & The Dressmakers - Cathy and Claire
The Sell Outs - Ballad Of Fuck Off Records
Danny & The Dressmakers - The Truth About Unemployment
The Door And The Window - Number One Entertainer
Danny & The Dressmakers - Legalise Vimto
Danny & The Dressmakers - Hey Ho My Cholesterol Level Is Low
The Instant Automatons - Electronic Music
Danny & The Dressmakers - Don't Make Another Bass Guitar Mr. Rickenbacker

Peter Paints His Fence cover

The Instant Automatons

Nice Job For The Lad
Laburnum Walk
New Muzak
People Laugh At Me (Coz I Like Weird Music)
John's Vacuum Cleaner
Peter Paints His Fence

Angst In My Pants cover

ANGST IN MY PANTS EP (Deleted Records DEP 002)
Various Artists

The Instant Automatons - Restless Night
The Instant Automatons - Scared To Be Alone
The Door And The Window - C.C.H.
Mic Woods - Cracked Actor?
Mic Woods - Weekday Lovecrush
The Midnight Circus - Silicone Baby
The Midnight Circus - The Hedonist Jive

The 012 - 9 To 5
The 012 - In The Ghetto
The Digital Dinosaurs - The Sideways Man
Lily Malone & Angus McSteering-Wheel - No Got Champagne
Colin Potter - Is It You, Is It Me?
Colin Potter - I Am Your Shadow
Colin Potter - Quick One
Missing Persons - The Blue-Eyed Boy Addresses Himself To The Matter In Hand
Missing Persons - Angst In My Pants

** Now available on CD **

Chainsaw flexidisc

CHAINSAW No. 12 Flexidisc (Meat Records)
Presented free with issue 12 of Chainsaw fanzine

Tronics - Love Backed By Force
Dancing Did - The Rhythm Section Sticks Together
The Instant Automatons - Rites Of Passage

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(Thanks to Hervé Hue for the link)

We Couldn't Agree On A Title cover

WE COULDN'T AGREE ON A TITLE (Integrated Circuit Records ICR 001)
Various Artists

Colin Potter - Behind You
Colin Potter - We Are So Glad
Missing Persons - Buried Alive
Missing Persons - Mama
Missing Persons - Electrical Storm
The Instant Automatons - Routine Habit
The Instant Automatons - Invertebrates
The Walking Floors - If I Could Turn The Clock Back
The Victims Of Romance - 9 AM
The Digital Dinosaurs - Organs
The Digital Dinosaurs - Hole
Robert Lawrence - Heart Finds A Home
Those Little Aliens - Sentimental
Those Little Aliens - Low Point X
Mic Woods - Why
The 012 - Blabber 'n' Smoke
Philip Johnson - The Bridewell
Philip Johnson - Anaesthetic (changed version)

** Now available on CD **

No Platform For Heels cover

NO PLATFORM FOR HEELS (Tender Hooks Records HOOK 001)
Various Artists

Missing Persons - Claire
Missing Persons - The Pioneer Spirit
*The Stan Tomato Band - InterCity 125
*The Stan Tomato Band - Ignorance Is Bliss
Victims Of Romance - All There Is
The Digital Dinosaurs - Music For The Teeth
The Digital Dinosaurs - Sheena Easton
Lurch - High Steppin' Momma
Polish August - Desperate Romance
Polish August - Ten Tips For Beautiful Nails
Kill Your Sons - Obsession
Len Liggins - Womb With A View
Len Liggins - Sandwiches
Len Liggins - All The Dead Men
Product Of Reason - Execution Time
Left At The Lights - Dead At The Wheel
  * actually The Instant Automatons

** Now available on CD **

Love Not Devotion cover

(A Deleted Records/100 Things To Do/ Fuck Off Records joint release
DELP 001/MR6/FLP002)
The Instant Automatons/Hamburger All-Stars/Blue Midnight

Blue Midnight - Quarter To Blue
Blue Midnight - Fireplace
Blue Midnight - Joy!
Blue Midnight - Crazy
Blue Midnight - Hot And Cold
Hamburger All-Stars - I Woke Up
Hamburger All-Stars - Swinging London Pt. 1
Hamburger All-Stars - Studded Leather Jacket
Hamburger All-Stars - My Life Is In A Mess
Hamburger All-Stars - Swinging London Pt. 2
The Instant Automatons - Worcester Avenue
The Instant Automatons - Catacomb
The Instant Automatons - Too Big!
The Instant Automatons - Violence
The Instant Automatons - Drunk In Woolwich (On New Year's Eve)
The Instant Automatons - Short Haired Man (In A Long Haired Town)

** Now available on CD **